Update on the field with one element

The paper “Fun with F_un” by Alain, Katia, and Matilde will appear soon in the Journal of Number Theory. An associated video abstract by Alain can be found at
Alain’s video is a terrific example of what is possible with these video abstracts!
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4 thoughts on “Update on the field with one element

  1. Anonymous

    Funniest post ever! I seriously doubt a 4 minutes video can explain
    a hard mathematical subject better than a written paragraph with
    some good formulas and diagrams. I think it was the reason why
    people invented languages and mathematical symbols at the first
    place. Therefore, I still prefer to “read” Connes’ papers and to
    “watch” Shakira’s videos :-))

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah, there are even some games to teach mathematics to kids. I
    dream some day one can learn about the latest achievements in
    mathematics by watching some videos. When this dream comes true the
    only things we need to study new progresses in mathematics are a
    cozy sofa, a slice of pizza and some beer.

    I would also like to add the following comments:

    1. I think we do agree that there is a huge difference between
    “various modes of communication” and “talking in front of a camera
    for a few minutes”, don’t we?

    2. I’ve searched the word “people” in Thurston’s paper. It was
    repeated 63 times. So, I conclude his article is generally about
    mathematics and people. But my comment was about advanced
    mathematics and mathematicians.

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