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This is a short update on the post called “particles in quantum gravity”,
there were interesting comments and rather than answering them in the
blog i just want to point to a long and detailed talk which I gave in the
Hausdorff Institute in Bonn in December and which is now available on YouTube.

In any case this is a good occasion to wish you all a

                      HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!

3 thoughts on “QUANTA OF GEOMETRY

  1. cb

    If the spectral noncommutative geometric program could help astrophysicists and cosmologists to put their dark matter, dark energy and inflaton models on a unified coherent basis that would be fantastic opportunity. Meanwhile one can note that the mimetic dark matter hypothesis has already met some echo in the theoretical physics community. On the more phenomenological side of the possible emergent Pati-Salam unification advocated by several groups of noncommutative geometry practitioners, it is interesting to note the recent claim that a non susy (renormalisable?) SO(10) model with a Pati-Salam intermediate scale and a minimal Higgs sector (two vevs for all fermion masses in the 10+126 representation) "can fit well all the low energy data, successfully account for unification of the gauge couplings… allows for a sufficiently long lifetime of the proton … and the values of the model parameters … yield a baryon asymmetry in agreement with observations" provided the requirement of a successful leptogenesis that can fix the only one remaining high energy paramter!

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